Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lila's Hot Air Balloon Maiden Voyage

Lila's first hot air balloon ride.

I've noticed that I often paint serious subjects. I decided to make the painting more fun by using watercolor and ink. And of course, a fun subject. Hope I continue to develop this kind of style.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Please Take a SEAT (for Days 32-40)

Have you ever...

Eaten an EGG while sitting on an EGG chair?

(EGG chair by Arne Jacobsen)

(SOFT EGG chair by Stark)

FOLDED your legs while sitting on FOLDED plywood chair?

(MOLDED PLYWOOD chair by Charles Eames)

(Series 7 chair by Eero Saarinen)

Sat on top of a TULIP chair like a bee?

(TULIP chair by Eero Saarinen)

Or ever seen a GHOST chair?

(LOUIS GHOST chair by Starck)

(LA MARIE chair by Starck)

(VICTORIA GHOST chair by Starck)

While thinking of this, please do take a SEAT. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

for Days 29-31 - Choco Indulgence

Two's A Company. An Original watercolor painting. NAOMI chocolate from Bizu.

Threesome. An Original watercolor painting. Choco slices also from Bizu.

Three's A Crowd. Watercolor paintings on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day 28- Yellow Lily at Petit Fleur

Hubby took a picture of the Yellow Lily while we were dining at Petit Fleur.

for Day 27 - Flower Stalls at Stare Miasto Torun

At the corner near the 2 Catholic churches of the Stare Miasto stand the flower stalls. Different varieties of flowers are to be found at each stall. Lilies of the valley and roses are abundant. I miss walking down the cobbled streets of Torun while leisurely gazing at these stalls. Hope to come back to this place...someday!

for Day 26 - Dancing with Fred and Ginger (Tancici Dum)

Frank Gehry's Tancici Dum at Prague, Czech Republic is one visual treat! The Tancici Dum or Dancing Building was inspired by the famous dancing pair of all time, Fred and Ginger. I especially loved the curve on Ginger's body. It gives the illusion that the two buildings are dancing to a tune. :)


For the 25th painting, I chose to post one scene from my most favorite place in the world --- PARIS! We were on our way to see the Pompidou, we passed by the St. Denis and lo and behold - beautiful gardens within the district. I particularly loved the sprawling flowers and the hanging greens on the arches. Will be posting more paintings from scenes seen on Paris. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quarter of the Goal

I've already posted 24 watercolor paintings. Next posting will be quarter of the Goal. 24 down, 76 paintings to go. The original intent of this project is to post one painting a day. Since, my schedule and circumstance will not permit, I will just post a corresponding painting for each day. The original purpose of the project is to serve as creative outlet during my free periods. Anyway, the result would still be a collection of 100 paintings by January 01, 2010.

On a personal note, there are so many positive developments. Hubby and I just transferred to our new home. :) Aside from this, I will be enrolling in a design school next year (january). This will be an enrichment class in interior design. This will complement my architectural skills. I also am preparing for another design project. Hopefully, the client and I reach a favorable arrangement for the project. I am keeping my fingers crossed before the years ends... :)

for Day 24- Sunny Sunflowers

Sunny Sunflowers - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day 23- Orange Tulips

Orange Tulips - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day 22- Tulips Bunch

Tulips Bunch - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day 21- Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day 20- Bangkok Blooms3

Bangkok Blooms 3 - reference photo taken from Centara Grand's orchid exhibit. Watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day19-Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day18-Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket - watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5 inches Arches watercolor paper.

for Day17-Pink Stargazers

Pink Stargazers- watercolor painting on 5.5x7.5inches Arches watercolor paper.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

for Day16- Bunch of Yellow Calla Lillies

Watercolor painting in 7.5x5.5inches Arches watercolor paper.

My first time to paint calla lillies. Usual calla lily compositions are arranged upright. I decided to paint in the fast becoming favorite color in the Philippines - yellow. Yellow's new meaning is hope.

My 16th painting out of the 100. 84 to go!

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for Day15- Pink Rosebuds

Watercolor painting in 5.5x7.5 Arches watercolor paper.
This is one of my favorites. Wet-on-wet technique with orange and red color combination. I also love the configuration of the flowers. Also, more of this in the future!

for Day14- Lavender Tulips

Watercolor painting in 5.5x7.5inches Arches watercolor paper.
I enjoyed doing this piece. I used the wet-on-wet technique for this painting. I also employed artistic license in doing this. Though I was able to visit Holland, I wasn't able to see lavender tulips in my short stay there. I saw tulip blooms with two tones. As for the Philippines, the usual available colors come in white, yellow and pink. Tulips are wonderful painting subjects. The shapes are basic yet their presence can easily be seen. I plan to paint more of them in the future.

for Day13- Mango Cheesecake

Watercolor painting in 7.5x5.5inches Arches watercolor paper.
Another cheesecake, this time with mango balls and dollops of whipped cream. This is really making me hungry.